Why upgrade to Sage 50 2014?


There are many features that have been included in Sage since Sage 50 2009. I believe that the number of new features make it a worthwhile upgrade. It is certified to be compatible with Microsoft’s 64bit Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems, and more and more new computers will be based around these platforms as older Windows XP PCs are retired from service. It is also the only Sage 50 version that is compatible with MS Office 2013.

From a support perspective, it is much easier to support a common version, and reports written using the latest version may not run correctly with older versions. We have been running the new version in-house, and I have been pleased with the new features, speed improvements and general performance of this version.

The current list prices for a Sage 50 upgrade are as follows:

Sage 50 Accounts Professional: $1,733 + $17 freight + GST.

Sage 50 Accounts Plus: $1,313 + $17 freight + GST.

Sage 50 Accounts: $914 + $17 freight + GST.


For a limited period, the Sage 2014 upgrade is available for all older Sage versions.



What's New in Sage 50 2014?


As always, you'll still be able to make light work of your day-to-day accounts, but now you'll also be able to take advantage of the following new features.

  • Foreign Trader available in all variants of Sage 50
    Previously Foreign Trader was only available if you bought Sage 50 Accounts Professional. It is now available to all lower variants of Sage 50 Accounts as an extra cost module.

  • Foreign Trader with GST Cash Accounting
    Previously you could not use Foreign Trader if you were on GST Cash Accounting Basis. You can now use multiple currencies in conjunction with GST Cash Accounting, so no matter what GST scheme you're on, you can benefit from all of the great features that are part of Foreign trader.

  • LiveLink
    On-line notification of important Sage 50 information. Live Link is a great new way to keep up to date with the latest information about your software and support. Sage will also use this to let you know about any issues which may affect you, how to perform procedures at the relevant times of year and any offers that may be of interest to you.

  • Free Stock Display
    Improved Product lookup grid. When you add a product to a Sales Order or Invoice you can now see the amount of stock that is available. Free stock is shown as an additional column in the product dropdown window.

  • Stock Take Import
    Import Stock Take data from Excel. You can now import a stock take from an Excel or csv spreadsheet which can save you lots of time if you have a lot of products.

  • Tool for removing redundant Product Records
    Easily delete obsolete stock items. Sage has created a new tool for removing stock transactions and stock records, and you can now clear stock on an individual product. This means you can remove individual products more easily, without having to clear all stock before a set date range.

  • Opening and Closing Stock Wizard
    Improved options for posting Cost of Goods Sold values.  There's a new opening and closing stock wizard to make it even easier to record your stock values when running a period end. This helps keep your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports accurate.

  • Financial Year change
    Now available in Accounts and Accounts Plus. You can now change your financial year on all variants of the software, so if you start processing in the wrong year or your accountant asks you to change the dates your financial year runs over, you can do this from within the software.

  • Archive at any time
    Archive on demand. You can now archive your data at any time, not just when running the Year End routine. This means you can have a full read only backup of your company data from a specific date that you can load at any time without affecting your live data. This is particularly useful before big routines like clearing the audit trail.

  • Check Data Improvements
    Monitor data integrity. This process has been improved to give more detail about the issues that are presented and a history of recent data checks. You can even access the tools to help you fix the data without running a check first. This saves you time and avoids having to run the check repeatedly.

  • Company List Improvements
    More information within company selection menu. The Company List has been refreshed to give more information, like the financial year for your company, the VAT and version number and direct access to the data folder. You can even access Demo and Practice data straight from the Company List. The extra information is really important in helping to clearly identify each company without having to open them.

  • Stock Price List Improvements
    Improved accuracy within Stock Price Lists. Stock Price Lists now store all pricing details to 4 decimal places, allowing accurate calculation of price points and discounts on small value items.

Significant performance improvements have been made in many key areas of Sage 50.
Improved productivity and efficiency for users, particularly in a multi user environment, in addition to improved software stability and integrity.



View features added since Sage 50 2009 (v15)




To see the features added since Sage 50 2009/v15 please click here.



Test run Sage 50 software here




Test run the new Sage 50 software here.




Recommended Computer hardware (minimum) for Sage 50 2014

Processor speed 2Ghz processor or higher

RAM (Memory) 1Gb RAM – Windows XP

2Gb RAM – Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 /2008. Note: SBS 2011 is not a supported OS for Sage 50 v2014.

4Gb RAM – All PCs with a 64 bit operating system

Free disk space 10GB of free disk space

Network speed 1Gbps (100Mbps minimum)

Screen Resolution 1024 x 768