Features introduced in Sage 50 v2013


·         New User Interface and Language
Interface improvements.
Over 1,000 function / feature labels have been updated and improved to ensure users know what they're doing without the need to know accounting terminology or abbreviations. Consistency has been improved between all modules.

·         New Company Configuration
Active Setup now available.
A new optional process to help guide users through the setup of their software, including the option to automatically share the company data folder on the network.

·         Help Centre
On-line help files.
New search engine providing up-to-date help topics and information.

·         Quick Tasks
Highlight and Click.
Quickly create invoices, quotes, sales and purchase orders from the product list. This allows full use of the Quick Search and Search filters to find the required products, and then create the order from within the product module.

·         Simplified Month End and Year End tasks
One off tasks made easier.
Step-by-step guide through tasks, including confirmation when the tasks are complete.

·         Improved Reporting

Improved interface.

New user interface with an updated look and feel.

More Drill-down reports available.

Financial reports (P&L, Balance Sheet, Budget reports, etc) all now have the ability to drill down to transaction level for the balances of any accounts shown. Managers can quickly examine the reasons for any account balance being more or less than expected, without the need for printouts of the underlying account transactions.

Excel Improvements.

Excel improvements allow users to get financial information without spending hours manipulating the data.

Revised Report Selection menus.

Accurate report descriptions, previews, filters and action buttons.

Easier to use Email options.

“Send invoices by email” option is now accessible without having to go into Report Designer.

Professional looking reports.

Customised reporting function allows users to create professional looking reports to match their business.

Features introduced in Sage 50 v2012


·         Lock Date
Prevent users from back dating postings prior to a given date.
Sage 50 2012 will allow you to prevent postings being made before a given date. Typically this would be the end of the last month although it can be any data that you like. The purpose of this is to ensure that entries are not made that would affect reports that have already been presented to management. Using Access Rights you can control which users are permitted to override this lock.

·         Chart of Accounts
Improvements to the Chart of Accounts.
A new preview pane will allow you to see a mockup of the layout of your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet while you are editing the Chart of Account. In addition, there is a new Taxation category that will allow you to show your profit both before and after taxation. Initial setup is easier as well, with new layouts for business type such as Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company and Charity.

·         Quick Search
A quick way to search the Sage data files.
All the main ledgers now have a quick search box. Type in a word that you want to search for and click the Quick Search button to get a list of matches. A Clear button allows you to quickly return to the full list. It's not as comprehensive as the Adept Sage 50 Viewer program, however it's a big improvement on previous options.

·         Quick Print
Print your documents with a single click.
You can now define the default layout to be used with Invoices, Sales Orders, Quotations and Purchase Orders. A new Quick Print button on the tool bar will then allow you to print a document using the default layout with a single click.

·         Email Addresses
Additional Email Addresses.
Customer and Supplier records now allow storing of three email addresses against each master record (this is in addition to the email address that can be stored within the delivery address details.

·         Support Homepage
A centralised product and user information resource.
All the information that was previously available from the Help About menu option has been consolidated on to one easy to use screen. In addition there is a lot of additional information, some of which was inspired by the Adept Sage 50 Health Check add-on.

·         Easier Installation
Enhancements have been made to the Sage 50 2012 installation and registration procedures.
Improvements include a new network installation routine that will even create the network share for you.

·         Sage 50 on Steroids !
Significant performance improvements have been made in many key areas of Sage 50.
Improved productivity and efficiency for users, particularly in a multi user environment in addition to improved software stability and integrity.

Features introduced in Sage 50 v2011


  • Bank Reconciliation
    On-the-fly input of adjustments.
    While reconciling a bank account you can now add customer receipts or refunds as well as supplier payments and refunds to adjust your records. The Retrospective Bank reconciliation report has been updated so that it now looks like a bank statement. A progress bar is displayed while your software is performing a reconciliation.

  • Emailing Documents
    Emailing certain documents has been simplified.

  • Sage Pay
    You can now import your web sales from your Sage Pay account to Sage 50 Accounts. By downloading payments from your Sage Pay account your software now creates invoices and updates your accounts for you.

  • Charities (non-profit organisations)
    Improved Fund Management.
    A Profit and Loss and a Balance Sheet report can now be generated for each fund. Also, by choosing the chart of accounts for Charities when you install your Sage 50 Accounts, your software is automatically set for the needs of a non-profit organisation.

  • Favourite Views
    Customise Sage Screens.
    You can now set the software so that each time it opens it displays the area you use most often. You can also set your financial ledgers to display in list form, as a process map or as dashboard information.

  • Practical changes to several areas
    Improved Usability.
    Journals now include an Ex ref column, which you can use to add more details about a journal.
    The customer, supplier and nominal activity windows now include the department associated with the listed transactions.
    Transaction ranges can be limited to outstanding transactions only.

  • Accounts Plus and Accounts Professional Only:
    Disputed Items.
    The Disputed Items window now displays transactions for the first account highlighted from a list of customers, which can be selected from either the Chase Debt or Customer List.


Features introduced in Sage 50 v2010


  • Data Import Wizard
    Step-by-step import function.
    The data import function in Sage 50 Accounts has been upgraded to provide customers with a much easier to use Wizard function, supporting both CSV and Microsoft® Excel files. You can now match any column in the data source to any of the pre-defined columns in the relevant table in the Sage 50.

  • Cash Sales / Till Sales
    New “Cash Register” bank account type
    Record Till Takings in a pre-defined bank account, and then record the banking of the takings using Bank Transfer.

  • Improvements to Flash-based Tutorial Simulations
    Software based training tutorials.
    Effort has been made in this latest release to enhance the viewer interaction, when viewing the numerous tutorial simulations, accessed from Help > Tutorials.

  • SData Services providing integration between Sage applications
    The provision of SData Services in this release provides the potential to turn your Sage business applications into web servers, sharing business information across your various Sage applications, thus providing new business opportunities.

  • Product Barcode field added to Product Record
    Print barcode images.
    On your product records you now have the facility for entering a bar code character string, suitable for subsequent bar code reader usage on a Product Bar Code print-out using Report Designer. This string of characters may represent a warehouse location, picking list, BOM structure or other appropriate application.

  • Improvements to Payment Processing Usability.
    Better payment processing.
    Numerous improvements have been made to software usability in customer receipts, supplier payments, batch payments and recurring entries. New features include credits created and automatically allocated, directly from invoices.

  • Sage Pay Functionality improved
    Sage Pay now extended to Refund Management and emailed invoices, letters and statements.
    Using Sage Pay Direct Refund to make standalone refunds back to a credit card, without having to link to the original payment, it is now possible in both the Customer Refund and Customer Credit Note functions in Sage 50 Accounts, to make a Sage Pay refund to customers.